THE plan

Now that you have gotten to know me a bit, the obvious next question is always, “but how did you do it?!”

Below is my REVERENT LION plan, but as always, keep in mind that everyone’s bodies are different, so tweak the plan to suit your needs.  Listen to your body and consult a doctor prior to making any drastic changes to your nutrition or fitness regimens.

Phase 1 – THE DETOX


Our food, environment, and even homes these days are often filled with toxins, chemicals, hormones, and pollutions.  Review the following list and make note how many of the items apply to you.  NO JUDGEMENTS, just be honest with yourself, this exercise will help you to determine how long you will need to detoxify your system.

–       Drink soda (especially diet soda or diet drinks in general)

–       Consume processed foods, and foods that contain chemicals and hormones.

–       Chew gum (especially sugar-free gum)

–       Consume alcohol

–       Smoke tobacco

–       Exposed to household cleaning products regularly (especially without proper ventilation)

–       Consume artificial sweeteners

–       Excess caffeine intake

–       Consume refined sugars

I personally had quite a few tick marks, and so, I kick started my plan with a two week detox of eating only raw whole foods.  This reset can be achieved at whatever level you feel is necessary for your body.  A one day juice cleanse can be an effective reset if only a few of the above apply to you.  Below is a list of items that are great for detoxifying your system.

–       Cold pressed whole juices (I recommend nekter and sujajuice)

–       Whole fruits

–       Whole vegetables (lots of leafy greens)

–       LOTS of water!

–       Green smoothies (recipes on my blog)



Now that you have gotten rid of the toxins, its time to focus on what foods you would like to incorporate into your regimen for the rest of your life (this is a lifestyle after all!)  It was important to me to choose foods that are most nutritionally beneficial.  It was also imperative to choose foods that contain no chemicals or toxic elements.  For me, this consisted of a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains (unprocessed), and legumes.  I love them baked, blended, roasted, juiced, broiled, steamed, raw – you name it. Spend time researching what foods will or will not make your list! Here are a few of the items that have had the privilege of gracing my life plan:

–       Lentils

–       Beans (black, great northern, kidney)

–       Chickpeas

–       Brown rice, wild rice

–       Quinoa

–       Barley

–       Steel cut oats

–       Sprouted grain bread (sparingly)

–       ALL vegetables (get creative, there is a huge list!)

–       ALL fruits (once again, creativity is key!)

–       Herbs and spices

–       Seeds and nuts

It is important to note that I choose to not consume meat or dairy (this is a personal preference, please do what is right for your body).  If you follow a similar diet, it is important to supplement vitamin B-12. You can find recipes for my meals on my blog!



Now on to my favorite part, the workouts, it is important for your overall wellness to invest the time necessary to build an efficient healthy body. I was guilty in the past of hiding behind the excuse of “I don’t have enough time.”  Lets be honest, nobody has enough time.  Time is an ever-present constant, we are the ones who have to make the change and dedicate the time.  Wake up an hour earlier, hire a babysitter, beg your significant other to watch the kids, utilize your lunch hour, do whatever it takes.  Your (healthy) life depends on it. I personally workout six days a week, but, as always, listen to your own body and make your plans accordingly. At first this was as simple as taking long walks and spending a lot of time on the elliptical.  The extra weight I was carrying would cause pain in my knees and ankles if I tried anything too strenuous.  Gradually I began to add in the below types of workouts.

–       High intensity interval training

–       Weight training

–       Running

–       Stairs workouts

–       Hot yoga

–       Swimming

–       Biking

–       ANYTHING – just MOVE!!

You can find specific workouts on my blog if you would like to follow along with me on my journey.  Now get to work! Be dedicated and ferocious in your drive like the lion and reverent in your self-mastery and patience with yourself and your body.

MUCH LOVE my reverent lions!

XOXO Alyssa (LULU)

February 2012-January 2013

February 2012-January 2013

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  3. Hi Alyssa! Your story has been such an inspiration and I would like to start the detox. Quick question…i see you have your juices in glass containers. I heard somewhere that glass is the best form of storage for juices and I wanted to confirm if that’s why you had them in glass and also i wanted to ask, how long are juices good for if you are using a juicer? 1 day? couple of hours?


  4. I love your blog!!!!! I have a long way to go but what you said just inspired me “be dedicated and ferocious in your drive like the lion” wow!

  5. I am loving your blog. I recently started Kettle Bell training and I love it. I do it 4-5 days a week and have been running or walking on off days. I am going to start detoxing and eating clean because I recently developed Eczema and I hope the clean eating helps. Also to help with wait loss and being healthy overall! Thanks for your tips and motivation!

  6. Hello Alyssa! I need advice. I used to be an athlete, always active and very healthy but i started hanging out with friends that ate poorly so I stopped being healthy and started eating fastfood. It has been impossible to go back and I have tried so hard. Things that were natural to me like eating healthy and working out are a challenge now and every time i decide to start a “diet” i get so anxious I get weird cravings and eat everything I can find. How can i get back to being healthy without wanting to eat everything I see?

    • I know that anxious feeling all too well. Have you ever tried meditation? There are free guided meditation podcasts that you can pair with your beginning detox that will likely take away that anxiety and help you to stay committed. Hope that helps keep me posted and I have faith in you!

  7. Hi Alyssa,
    You’re such an inspiration- thank you so much for sharing your progress and keeping us going. I have two major questions for you:

    1) How do you handle social situations like going out to dinner (at a restaurant not of your choosing), weddings, brunches or work related events? Do you ever allow yourself an indulgence like this?

    2) I know that you listen to your body instead of telling your body what it should eat. I’m wondering how you, particularly in the beginning, managed portions. Did you allow yourself to eat unlimited quantities of healthy foods?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi there! What great questions! I will have to do a whole post on these!!

      1. I do not because that is what works for me. I have my own treats and indulgences that most people wouldn’t find as a typical treat such as fresh fruit etc. I have changed my paradigm on eating in general and that is why I am no longer a yo-yo dieter. I am polite when I am in social situations and I try to not be offensive but I definitely stick to my guns!

      2. In the beginning I detoxed and didn’t worry about proportions. I ate as much raw vegetables as I wanted and tried my best to limit my raw fruit intake but I still gave in to my fruit cravings. After my detox and now even today I try to really listen to my body not my emotions. I try not to eat when I am angry upset or in a rush and only eat when I am calm and can listen to when I am actually full.

      Hope that helps! xoxo

  8. Hi! So I came across your blog/Instagram the other day and was so inspired I am going to try my hardest at this! I used to be very active and would eat healthy but started smoking and drinking heavily and just became careless and let myself go. Anyway, I bought some food to start tomorrow and am so excited! I’m going to the gym for the first time in months tonight too, thanks to you! Thank you so much!!! Ill keep you posted 🙂

  9. Words cant describe how happy i am to have found this blog, you truly are a beautiful inspiration! i have been working to fight off the so called “freshman 15”, but i feel its so much harder to lose the weight i gained since i graduated. but your story was just what i needed to motivate me to get back into the swing of things! thank you for being brave enough to share with the world your journey!

    • I like suja juice which you can get from or at whole foods. They are organic and cold pressed and fairly reasonably priced. I also like nektar and they are more affordable but they are not organic. Sorry for the delay on the reply– I am new at this!! XOXO

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