Travel Nutrition


When you travel and you have specific nutritional needs, it’s important to prepare ahead of time. This is a question I get quite often and it doesn’t take much extra time or space. Here is just an example of what I have prepped for this trip but you can get creative with your own prep! I have packed Lara bars, raw almonds, dates, oranges, organic raisins, vegan protein powder, matcha green tea, yellow bell pepper, lentils, and brown rice.

As a general guideline, below is a list of items you may want to think about:

  • Nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • Fresh fruit (stick to hearty fruit that won’t easily bruise like oranges or apples
  • Vegetables (carrots, peppers, zucchini)
  • Protein powder
  • Raw energy bars (homemade, lara bars etc)
  • Foods you can easily cook for a quick meal in a pinch
  • Don’t forget any supplements you may need!!!
  • Xoxo- Reverent Lion

    Furniture Slider Workout


    OK so these little babies are my absolute favorite. I bought a pack of four of them from Amazon for about 12 dollars and I have been using them like crazy ever since! There are a million different ways you can use them but this workout is specifically targeting your core and your glutes.

    • 50 Sliders in and outs – straight leg. (Begin in plank position with the sliders underneath your feet and while keeping your legs straight, use your core to bring your feet to your hands as pictured below.)




    • 50 Sliders in and outs- bent legs.



    • 50 Sliders in and outs- wide legs



    • 50 sliders extended wide to narrow legs



    • 50 Breast stroke kicks (it was hard to get a good photo of this one but it’s exactly as it sound just think back to your old swimming lessons with the sliders on your feet
    • 50 Spider-Man push ups with the sliders on your feet (imitate the pic below and then switch sides and continue to 50


    • 50 Hamstring curls with the sliders on your feet



    • 10 plank walks from one end of the room to the other with the sliders on your feet


    • 50 lunges each leg with slider on your back foot. In this picture I have added a yoga block underneath my front foot for an added challenge but this is optional


    VOILA!– xoxo — Reverent lion



    Antioxidant POWERHOUSE Smoothie

    Antioxidants help us fight those free radicals we are exposed to every day! Different foods have different levels of antioxidants. I created this smoothie to give you a major antioxidant boost so that you can look and feel great!

    Blueberries, pomegranates, and strawberries rank high on the list of antioxidant rich fruits, and believe it or not raw cacao powder and cinnamon both have higher antioxidant levels than blueberries! Your soul will thank you for drinking this baby!



    • Seeds from 1/2 pomegranate
    • 1 cup frech/frozen blueberries
    • 1 cup fresh/frozen strawberries
    • 2 heaping Tbs raw cacao powder
    • 1 heaping Tbs cinnamon
    • 2 handfuls of kale
    • 2 handfuls of spinach
    • 1 cup green tea or water (any liquid of choice)
    • Stevia to taste

    1. Place your liquid and greens in the blender and blend until completely smooth.

    2. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Add ice cubes to achieve desired consistency. ENJOY!!

    XOXO- Reverent Lion

    Spicy Mango Madness Smoothie

    I use a blentec blender for all of my smoothies (quite a few people have been asking that question lately) but any blender will work to make this delightfully tangy and slightly spicy smoothie. This would also make a great juice if you would like to break out the juicer!

    The below recipe makes about 2 servings. I usually eat one serving in the morning and place the other serving in an airtight container until later that day when I am ready to enjoy my second serving and I throw it back in the blender with about 6-8 ice cubes and voila! Just be sure to consume your smoothie mix within 8-12 hours after you make it that morning.

    Many of you have been asking about jalapenos and if this smoothie is extremely spicy. You will only notice a slight kick of spice, but if you are sensitive to spicy foods, maybe start with 1/2 jalapeno and add more to your liking. Jalapenos fight headaches, relieves congestion, soothes your digestive system, acts as a thermogenic for weight loss, along with many other health benefits! (Source)



    • 2 lemons, peeled and sliced
    • 1 Lime, peeled and sliced
    • Zest of 1 lemon
    • Zest of 1/2 lime
    • 1 jalapeno pepper sliced (I use the seeds as well)
    • 2 Kiwi fruits quartered (leave the skins on! they are so good for you!!)
    • 1 cup frozen/fresh chopped mango
    • 1 cup frozen/fresh chopped pineapple
    • 2 handfuls kale
    • 2 handfuls spinach
    • 1 cup water or green tea (any liquid will do)
    • Stevia to taste

    1. Place your liquid in your blender followed by all of your greens, the lemons, limes, zest, and jalapeno.

    2. Blend until completely smooth (the last thing you want is a chunk of unblended jalapeno!)

    3. Add all remaining ingredients and blend until smooth, add ice cubes if necessary to achieve your desired consistency . ENJOY!!


    XOXOX- Reverent Lion


    Sexy Stems Workout


    This workout is VERY simple but when done correctly will truly work those legs and glutes. Don’t let the simplicity of the moves fool you, you will feel this workout tomorrow! Take the moves slowly (it’s not a race!) really feel the muscles you are targeting. Pictured here I am utilizing a 45 lb weight vest for my resistance but you may use dumbells, a sandbag, or even items you have around the house!

    • 200 Wide leg squats



    • 100 ea leg lunges; 100 ea leg lunge pulses



    • 100 Narrow to wide jump squats



    • 100 Walking lunges

    Remember — keep good form and listen to your body! I am not a trainer, I just post the workouts that I do and that work for me. Always consult your doctor prior to taking on a new workout regime.

    Reverent Lion

    Wild Child Abs Workout


    Fun little core circuit to add on to your workout for the day!

    As always be careful and make sure that your form is on point. I try my best to complete this circuit 2-4 times all the way through but just get going and try to complete it even once! Anything is better than nothing, and who knows, you may really surprise yourself!

    Also, please remember that abs are truly made in the kitchen so take a visit to the Master Plan portion of the site and take a gander at the nutrition plan.

    • 120 second forearm plank hold on the swiss ball. (Make sure that your body is in a straight line and you are engaging your core)IMG_1236
    • 50 flutter kicks (place your hands under your seat and lift both legs about 6 inches off of the ground, then flutter kick in small pulses as if you are swimming the back stroke.)      IMG_1240
    • 25 roll ups. (Start in the position pictured and raise up to a seated position raising your arms straight up above your head, then bend forward all the way to touch your toes.  Return to start.)IMG_1237
    • 25 Jack Knifes (Begin as pictured in the first image, then tuck your knees, keeping your back flat as pictured in the second image and return to start.)IMG_1235IMG_1234
    • The 100 (Position yourself as pictured, pulse your arms 100 times. Inhale for 5 pulses, exhale for 5 pulses until you reach 100. Be sure to keep your core engaged.)IMG_1239
    • 25 hanging knee raises.         IMG_1241
    • 25 Eagle Crunches each side. (Place your right arm over your left and your left leg over your right, crunch up until your elbows and knees are touching. Return to start and complete 25 reps. Switch your arm/leg placement to left arm over right and right leg over left and complete 25 reps)IMG_1233IMG_1232

    Health Chocolate


    Health Chocolate

    This recipe is pure delight. Tastes like melted chocolate bars, in reality it’s a superfood elixir.

    Most hot chocolate mixes you buy in your local supermarket are filled with chemicals and harmful ingredients. For quite some time I ruled out hot chocolate believing that it could not be a part of my nutrition plan, that is until I came up with this recipe.

    Raw cocoa is a powerful antioxidant and also contains B and E vitamins, iron, zinc, copper, calcium and magnesium. As you can see, in the table below, raw cocoa has about  40x the amount of antioxidants as blueberries. As with all things, moderation is key, but you should feel great about enjoying this elixir once in a while!

    ORAC scores for the Top 10 Antioxidants Foods (per 100 grams)

    1) Raw cocoa powder* 95,500

    2) Raw cacao nibs* 62,100

    3) Roasted cocoa powder 26,000

    4) Organic Goji Berries* 25,300

    5) Acai Berries* 18,500

    6) Dark Chocolate 13,120

    7) Milk Chocolate 6,740

    8) Prunes 5,770

    9) Raisins 2,830

    10) Blueberries 2,400

    Source: US department of Agriculture/Journal of American Chemical Society

    Learn more:



    • 1 cup coconut milk
    • 2 heaping tbs of raw cocoa
    • 1 tsp maca powder (optional)
    • 1-2 tsp coconut flour (depending on desired thickness)
    • sprinkle of salt
    • sprinkle of cinnamon
    • 1 tsp vanilla extract (alcohol free)
    • stevia to taste (you may also use dates or honey to sweeten)

    Place all ingredients into a pot over low heat and whisk to combine.  Bring mixture to a boil stirring continually. (serves 1)


    XOXO- the reverent lion

    Mango Coconut Ice Cream


    I love mangos.The best mangos I have ever eaten were in India.  You buy them from a fruit vendor and they are warm from siting in the hot sun.  You then go about squishing the whole mango until it feels much like a water balloon and you break a small hole in the top and drink the mango like a delightful sticky sweet mess.  SO GOOD.  In india they also make a fabulous mango and yogurt drink called mango lassi.  I found myself craving mango lassi, so I came up with this recipe for a vegan mango coconut ice cream.


    Before we get to the good stuff, I also wanted to provide you a bit of information about the nutritional benefits of mangos. Mangos are a great source of vitamins A,C,K and vitamin B6  and also contain potassium. There are also recent studies showing that they prevent cancer, relieve stress, and help to reduce body fat! (see sources below) — OK now back to the good stuff —


    • 2 ripe mangos chopped (you may use frozen if desired)
    • 1/4 cup filtered water
    • Juice of 1 lemon
    • 2 Tbs raw sugar
    • 2 tsp cinnamon
    • 1 1/2 cups of coconut milk
    • 1 cup chopped pineapple (optional)

    1. Place your water, lemon juice, cinnamon, and raw sugar in a pan over medium heat and bring to a boil.


    2. Lower heat, and simmer for 10 minutes. Take off of the heat and set aside to cool.

    3. Once the mango mixture has cooled a bit (10-15 mins) pour the mixture into the blender and add the coconut milk.

    4. Blend until smooth. Add the pineapple and pulse 2-3 times (this will give you pineapple chunks in your ice cream)

    5. Taste the mixture to make sure it is to your liking! (Not sweet enough? Add a touch of raw sugar or stevia and pulse again.)

    6. Place the mixture in the refrigerator for one hour to set.

    7. Place the mixture into your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer’s directions.


    8. ENJOY



    Mango Benefit Sources:;