Homemade Coconut Oil Conditioner Recipe

photo-5Similar to my recent shampoo recipe post, I also created a custom conditioner recipe to promote strong healthy long hair.

This recipe is a bit different in that it only contains 3-4 ingredients and I throw it together in a single batch right before I jump into the shower.  The reason for this being that because it is simple and doesn’t contain as many natural preservatives as the shampoo does, and therefore I like to ensure that it wont spoil.

I know that when reading beauty recipes I automatically turn off when it is a recipe to be used right away.  Who wants to pull together a recipe before jumping in the shower right? I promise that this recipe doesn’t contain mayonnaise or eggs or avocado.  In fact, you wont even have to open your fridge to throw this together. I have made making this conditioner a habit and it literally takes maybe 2 minutes of my time (and it is totally worth it!)

Lets talk a little bit about the ingredients.  I have gotten quite a few questions about which products I have purchased for the recipe.  I have linked them to amazon below so that you can find them, they are all under 10 dollars and easy to order.  It is absolutely not necessary for you to purchase these exact brands or to purchase them from Amazon, I just wanted to give you the information!

Coconut Oil – what more could be said about this amazing product.  Everyone is gaga over it lately.  Using coconut oil on your hair will fix split ends, and moisturize your hair to the deepest level.  A little does go a long way and through my research I have seen it used in a myriad of ways on hair, as a leave-in treatment, placed straight into your hair as an anti-frizz, you name it.  In this recipe I have diluted the coconut oil reducing the risk of leaving the shower with a greasy mess.  Coconut oil comes in a solid form but easily liquifies at 76 degrees F.

Maracuja, Grapeseed, or Sweet Almond Oil– All three of these lighter oils provide various different vitamins and benefits but the addition they will act as a sealant and lock in the moisture as well as add shine.

Lavender Oil
– Part of having healthy hair is having a healthy handle on stress.  The addition of a lavender oil will help to calm and relax you as you leave your shower.


Combine all ingredients in a small airtight container.  As this recipe will be used right away, you do not need to be quite as strict about sterile manufacturing processes as you do with the shampoo recipe, but still make sure you are using a clean container and filtered water. Home made beauty products are amazing as long as you are mindful about sterilization.

After you are finished shampooing your hair, work this conditioner into your hair focusing on the ends.  I try to steer clear of my scalp completely.

**Please please please play around with the proportions.  Everyone’s hair is different and the coconut oil may feel like it is weighing down your hair to some and may be great for others. If the coconut oil is too much, try replacing it with grapeseed oil which is much lighter. Also, you can try using this conditioner prior to shampooing your hair which will be a great option if you feel as though the conditioner is making your hair appear oily at all.


One thought on “Homemade Coconut Oil Conditioner Recipe

  1. Hey, thanks so much for this! I just ordered all the ingredients for this and the shampoo. My hair is a lot like yours but maybe even a bit thicker. The only other thing I’m wondering is about a styling cream or something but all this thick curly hair goes in every direction lol! Have you tried anything effective? I was thinking about just saving a quarter size amount of this and after the shower using it as a leave in moisturizer? Again thanks for all you do 🙂

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