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When you travel and you have specific nutritional needs, it’s important to prepare ahead of time. This is a question I get quite often and it doesn’t take much extra time or space. Here is just an example of what I have prepped for this trip but you can get creative with your own prep! I have packed Lara bars, raw almonds, dates, oranges, organic raisins, vegan protein powder, matcha green tea, yellow bell pepper, lentils, and brown rice.

As a general guideline, below is a list of items you may want to think about:

  • Nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • Fresh fruit (stick to hearty fruit that won’t easily bruise like oranges or apples
  • Vegetables (carrots, peppers, zucchini)
  • Protein powder
  • Raw energy bars (homemade, lara bars etc)
  • Foods you can easily cook for a quick meal in a pinch
  • Don’t forget any supplements you may need!!!
  • Xoxo- Reverent Lion

    6 thoughts on “Travel Nutrition

    1. Alyssa, how did you start? That’s my biggest struggle right now, trying to push past not seeing any results. Also, I can eat well ALL day, but then nighttime is super hard for me. How long did you do the elliptical for before you moved onto harder workouts? Any advice is greatly appreciated 🙂 your story is amazing and inspiring!

      • You can do it! Be patient with yourself — it will happen with consistency I PROMISE. It took me about 2 months but you should always try and push yourself. Nothing big just maybe 10 more minutes or one higher intensity or one more rep so that you are continually improving. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!

    2. I’m wondering the same thing as Phyllis: How long did you do the elliptical before you moved on from that?

      Also- sorry if this is a stupid question- what do you put the protein powder in? Just shakes/smoothies? I only have an immersion blender and am trying not to buy a large kitchen appliance like a blender (I’m moving across the country soon and I don’t want to move additional heavy items).

      • I did lower impact exercises until my body could handle higher intensities but I was always pushing and challenging myself to reach new limits. I would say it took about 2 months.

        I put the protein powder in my morning shakes etc but I also have a little bottle with what looks like a round whisk in it that I use to shake up the protein powder if I am on the go and will just be drinking it straight. I use a blendtec blender!! xoxo

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