Wild Child Abs Workout


Fun little core circuit to add on to your workout for the day!

As always be careful and make sure that your form is on point. I try my best to complete this circuit 2-4 times all the way through but just get going and try to complete it even once! Anything is better than nothing, and who knows, you may really surprise yourself!

Also, please remember that abs are truly made in the kitchen so take a visit to the Master Plan portion of the site and take a gander at the nutrition plan.

  • 120 second forearm plank hold on the swiss ball. (Make sure that your body is in a straight line and you are engaging your core)IMG_1236
  • 50 flutter kicks (place your hands under your seat and lift both legs about 6 inches off of the ground, then flutter kick in small pulses as if you are swimming the back stroke.)      IMG_1240
  • 25 roll ups. (Start in the position pictured and raise up to a seated position raising your arms straight up above your head, then bend forward all the way to touch your toes.  Return to start.)IMG_1237
  • 25 Jack Knifes (Begin as pictured in the first image, then tuck your knees, keeping your back flat as pictured in the second image and return to start.)IMG_1235IMG_1234
  • The 100 (Position yourself as pictured, pulse your arms 100 times. Inhale for 5 pulses, exhale for 5 pulses until you reach 100. Be sure to keep your core engaged.)IMG_1239
  • 25 hanging knee raises.         IMG_1241
  • 25 Eagle Crunches each side. (Place your right arm over your left and your left leg over your right, crunch up until your elbows and knees are touching. Return to start and complete 25 reps. Switch your arm/leg placement to left arm over right and right leg over left and complete 25 reps)IMG_1233IMG_1232

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